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We have specialised in transport for almost 20 years and as professional team we can guarantee that your goods will be on time and safe.
If you cooperate with us, we can vouch that:

  •    we bring your goods almost to all European Countries, especially: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. We also transport loads from Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia.

  • our activities are provided in compliance with the CMR convention and all our vehicles are insured
  • we lay emphasis on safety, which is our first principle  - all of vehicles equipped with tachographs
  • GPS satellite navigation systems shows us a position of a vehicle that carries your load
  • drivers are responsible and experienced. Moreover we employ Freight forwarders, who always engage in shipments.

The up-to-date fleet and new possibilities for our Clients
In view of high expectations and with idea about our new clients, we bought new trucks in order to long-standing cooperation. Now we offer 11 transport units. All of them comply with standard such as Euro 5, Euro 6 and EEV.

Types of our vehicles: